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Monday, 8 October 2012

Ultimate Adsense 2013 Tips

Adsense 2013 Tips? I wish all the passionate webmaster and internet marketing around the world earn enough this year with Adsense! Recently I has done some of the reading and listened few audio interviewing few full time premium Adsense publishers, for sure I was inspired and dare to dream big in year 2013.

Ultimate Adsense 2013 Tips

Since the lately Google farmer and panda updates, many sites were sweeped just like that. So in this entry we going to look at what we should continue to do and what shouldn’t to let our site optimized ultimately.
1. Micro niche site are advice to have at least 5 page. Panda update killed many single page site. It’s not impossible to rank those but the sites that have more content rank could better.
2. On page seo are still the key in the game. Make sure you have themed content with the well structured navigation to build a long term business. My experience was my site get disable by Google due to low quality site navigation.
3. CTR theme or other themes as well which made for adsense are harmful. I witnessed this so-called adsense safe theme users got their site disabled. Don’t ever try to trick google, google is way smarter than us.
4. Profile spam link is dead. Low quality backlinks show no affect especially profile spam links link directly to money site. Article submission and social bookmark still work like a charm. I think many marketers are trying to figure out instead of using new strategy, they try to test which seo template work the best.
5. Ads performances, even Google advice on their publisher. Very thanks to Google came out with useful documentation and help even in the video form. Google always like to see your ads perform well, try to test which color and placement has the best CTR. Adsense tips 2013 by google is worth to read them all.
6. Ultimate Adsense 2013 Tips : Social media’s traffic. Site like Facebook & Twitter is a giant traffic sources. Although in my study the quality of traffic is not as good as the search engine organic traffic, but the huge wave of traffic of the social media traffic still able to make some money. I witnessed some webmaster started early in gathering base on Facebook and now he drive traffic most from there, he has a good passive income now. Don’t afraid of come out with nothing at last before you try it, try it now to grab your spot.
7. Trending events / news. You probably not good in seo or have tired to compete, you can try out this, try to throw something massive and hoping to hit a little. (that’s still big) You can use the free tool like google trend, google insight and google alert to work on this.
That is it, my 7 Ultimate Adsense 2013 Tips for you guys. Year 2013 Adsense journey still no much different than the past year, I mean our journey is a long fight, to achieve something that’s long lasting for me it’s worth. Happy earning!

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