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Monday, 8 October 2012

Make Money Blogging

Make money blogging

Make money by blogging? It is so attractive for student who may need extra buck to have a better study life which costly for sometime. Have you heard of big names like John Chow and Darren who are making 6 figure income just by blogging?
I want to share my story. In the beginning I was like doubting on these people, because it seem only few blogger out of few billion bloggers can make a living via blogging. This thought make me  almost give up being a blogger, who only able to earn RM200 using 3-4 months few monhts when I first try to make money by blogging.
After a while (about a year later), I come back & finally have a blog that can pay my bill, even buy my daily meals after I learned from the previous few big mistakes :
Make money blogging, you must know you’re not only a blogger.
Being a blogger, you must know that you are a publisher too. Everyone can become a blogger, that’s why you need to know more, if not everyone will have a blog, then to become the millionaire. I hope you get my point. I’ve witness some ‘website runner’ who never call themselves as blogger, they claim they are publisher, webmaster / internet marketer. For instead a successful internet marketer that I know owned 100+ website (he purposely build these site) and making thousand dollars every month. He even hire writers to add new article and manage the sites. See? He’s not a blogger. You must know more rather just had registered blogger.com and running a single blog. You must able to compete and know how things work, to avoid you have a blog but it just like be in the middle of jungle.
- Blog star is not only the way blog to make money
Not only celebrity can make money! The boss who behind those handsome guy and pretty hot girls may earn more.. You may have seen some famous blogger earning thousand of visit per day, and making good profits, then you feel unlucky for you are not like them or never possible to be them. You are wrong. Many sites that have same level of traffic or super passed just thousand unique visit per day than those popular blogger are build by technical knowledge.
- Make money blogging, where to start?
You must know what to start before planning the next step. To start something that will work (make money), I suggest you to look into what you are good at. You’ll be tire and struggle to find new articles every day to expand the site if you don’t have sufficient knowledge for what you are trying to build. There are so much things to talk about especially the technical part about where to start blogging. Don’t think about the money first, think of what you are able to contribute is more important.

- Traffic, the No.1 factor that cause blogger don’t make money
No shortcut to get traffic. Newbie may mass post comments on other blogs to drive referral traffic, but this make no sense, a cent can’t pay the bill. Be skilful in seo, a must for a webmaster to make a blog that drive income.
In this post I just generally point out what are the mistakes that I have done before. I hope these help.. Make money blogging is possible if you done right.


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