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Friday, 5 October 2012

Make Extra Money – Blogging Online to Earn Money


How much can I make?: No set rate, but in Malaysia typically around RM5.00-RM20.00/CPM (1000 page impressions). The rate you get depends on the demographics of your site and nature of your content. Content which attracts a more specific audience i.e: finance, tech reviews, golfing would tend to generate a higher CPM compared to someone who would say, blog about their daily lives. The top bloggers in Malaysia can make RM1,000s a month.
Time commitment: depending on whether you’re blogging as a hobby or full time, the time commitment can vary from occasionally (2-3x per week, maybe 4-5hrs in total) to regularly (1-2x per day 20-25hrs a week). Blogging more frequently will likely increase your regular readership (and therefore income).
Skills needed: Good command of a language, exciting and entertaining content to produce.
Popular Blog making sites:
Live Journal 
Blogging is a fun and useful way to earn income. The idea behind blogging is that you write/type content online and people come and read what you write (if they are interested!) Those in the very upper echelons of blogging are able to make up to six figures a year just from blogging alone. If you already blog as a past time, incorporating avenues to make money at the same time from your current readership would seem like a no brainer. The great part about this is, many of the methods used require very little maintenance!


Perhaps one of the most popular ways to make money from blogging in Malaysia. Reason being because it is a very easy and hassle free method to do so.
So how does this work?
Nuffnang is basically a blog advertising model, advertisers pay Nuffnang to promote their products, Nuffnang pays you (the blogger) to generate the visitors. You earn not really from blogging but instead from placing ads on your blog. Advertisers will then pay you based on either the amount of clicks generated from your ads or the number of impressions.
How do I get paid?
Cost Per Click (CPC) – You get paid, every each time a web visitor clicks on an advertisement.
Cost Per A Thousand Impressions (CPM) – You get paid for every thousand impressions. Let’s say CPM is $5.00 (RM15.00), which means for every 1000th person who loads the advertisement on their computer screen; you will get paid $5.00 (RM15.00).
While the idea of making money by simply having your web visitors click on your ads might seem to easy, the tough part is getting the system to work for you. You’re going to have to be able to generate a decent amount of traffic (a few hundred viewers a day) in order to begin making any money.
Click here to go to Nuffnang.

Google AdSense

Adsense is a ‘contextual’ advertising program where publishers simply add a piece of code to their blogs that helps Google analyze what your page is about so they can serve ads on that topic. This increases the chances of your readers clicking the ad which increases the chances that you’ll earn something from them. It works similarly to Nuffnang, in that they will find advertisers and then link up your blog automatically.
In addition to that, AdSense provides a variety of other income streams for bloggers, including a site search tool where you make money from people searching your site and referral tools, where you can make money by recommending Google products.

Writing Reviews/Promoting Products

A fairly common method used in Malaysia, bloggers with enough internet traffic usually get paid offers to review and write about products. This is a great way to make some side income and get free stuff at the same time!

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